What Is the Rome Community Foundation?


The mission of the Foundation is to assist in providing monetary resources for the present and future enrichment of the Rome area community.

The Rome Community Foundation's 20th Anniversary

The Foundation is celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2019. The organization is planning a series of activities and events throughout the year to commemorate this milestone in their history. "We are very proud of our two decades of helping Rome area organizations which have sought our help to meet their capital needs," said Foundation President David Grow. "We hope our 20th Anniversary activities will increase awareness of what the Foundation is and what it can do for the betterment of the Rome area," he added.

From Gifts to Grants

The Rome Community Foundation is a non-profit organization that accepts gifts and bequests which are held, invested, and administered under the direction of the Foundation's Board of Directors. Income from the investment of these funds is used award grants which benefit the people of and charities in the Rome area.

The Rome Community Foundation announces latest awards, Jan 24, 2019.

The Rome Community Foundation has awarded $146,961 in grants to Rome area charitable organizations in the latest distributions for the 4th Quarter of 2018. The grants, ranging from $1,000 to $15,000, were made to 19 tax-exempt organizations.

According to Victor J. Fariello Jr., Executive Director of the Foundation, the funding was approved by the organization's Board of Directors based on the recommendations of the Foundation's Stevens-Kingsley Fund advisors and the Grant Committee. Rome Community Foundation Board Members meet four times a year to review grant proposals for projects that benefit Rome area residents.

The Rome Community Foundation has over $6 million dollars in assets which are under professional management. The income from the investments is used to fund grants and has grown since the Foundation was established in 1999. Officers of the Foundation are David Grow, president; David Engelbert and Lynn Rosen, vice-presidents; Julie Grow Denton, secretary and Robert Ritz, treasurer.

The Foundation has been the recipient of bequests from trusts and estates of Rome area residents and accepts contributions and memorial gifts from individual and corporate donors. Donors can request that their contributions be directed to a specific organization or for a specific purpose such as educational, cultural, recreational or health-related. Donors may also request the establishment of a donor-advised fund, through which the donor may recommend grants to tax-exempt organizations serving the Rome area.

For a complete list of these awards (and all the Rome Community Foundation awards), visit the Grants To Date page.

Rome Community Foundation Brochure

For a brochure of the Rome Community Foundation with details of its fund types, donation possibilities, organizations supported and more, please download the Rome Community Foundation Brochure (pdf).