What Are the Advantages of the
Rome Community Foundation to a Donor?

1. Donating to the Rome Community Foundation provides a safe and farsighted method of benefiting the Rome community while promoting a dynamic legacy for the future.

2. Gifts are tax deductible. IRS regulations make contributions and bequests to a public foundation an attractive philanthropic investment that maximizes the amount of tax savings allowed by law.

3. Community Foundations have public charity status. As such the Foundation is not required to pay excise taxes on investment income. This means more of a donor's funds will be available for direct philanthropic purposes.

4. A Community Foundation provides the advantages of a foundation to those whose resources do not justify establishment of their own foundation. A donor can establish a separate, named fund within the structure of the Community Foundation.

5. The Community Foundation welcomes gifts that are unrestricted as they offer the most flexibility in meeting the community's needs. Donors can request that their contributions be directed to a specific organization or for a specific purpose such as educational, cultural, recreational or health-related. Should the original need no longer exist, the Foundation board will assure that the gift is used for purposes consistent with the original designation.

6. Donors may also request the establishment of a donor-advised fund, through which the donor may recommend grants to tax-exempt organizations serving the Rome area.